"I shared the two home page options with a friend. She said you have incredible visual capacities, she'd never seen anything quite like your work, and each so different. (I'd showed her your sample websites, too.) She says I'm working with a person with a real gift for the advertising image. Just thought you'd like to know."  ~ Marilyn Coffey, author

"Ever wish you had a webmaster who shared your vision? Denise Cassino not only can envision your dream website--she gets it. The best part is, she puts your creative ideas and images to work just the way you want them."  ~Cal Orey, author

"Still getting compliments...Men from countries all over are hitting on me. This is very exciting. Gee, new article for Complete Woman?  And I owe it all to you." ~ Cal Orey

"Wow. You're talents are amazing, Denise." 

"I am so glad you did my website. Compliments continue to come my way."

"I am so thrilled at how this is turning out. To think I told everyone, "I don't need a website." You are so creative. I love the dog and me photo...It adds warmth."
~Cal Orey, Author

"Gee, you're fast. How did you do that? My gosh!"

"Wow!  I am impressed!"

"You are incredible.  And work fast!"

"You have been wonderful.  I can only thank you a million times for everything!  :-)"

"Overall, I think it looks good and you have gotten a lot more done than I imagined possible."
~Robert L. Flynn, Author

"That is absolutely brilliant, Denise. Love it, love it, love it!" 

"My husband just took a look at this site and absolutely LOVES everything about it!!! 'Denise really knows what she's doing,' he said.
~Betty Jo Tucker

"It's really looking great! trees, trees, trees..."
~Cal Orey, Author

"I couldn't agree more! I brought an existing website to Denise and asked her to revamp/rework it. And she surely did! I was really happy with the changes, new and creative ideas and end result. Trust is an important quality in any relationship and that is established right away with Denise.  I agree...Denise is so easy to work with. Thanks, Denise."   ~Chris Mulligan, Author

"I am thrilled. ..  You are absolutely right on with the more exotic rather than cozy!!!  You are a wizard!
Thank you!!!!

"You are amazing as what you have created touches me."

"Denise Cassino has been an amazing addition to my life!  From the moment I began working with her she has been available, intelligent, intuitive, and an incredible resource of information and insight.  I am so happy to have her in my corner promoting my books and CD's.  I recommend her highly to anyone looking to increase their visibility.  Thanks Denise!!!"  Fondly,   Laura Lester Fournier

"I'll say amen to everything Maureen Mulvaney said. I hope your charm isn't restricted to the Irish but as you know, I could hardly get on the internet when you took me under your wing (metaphorically speaking) and taught me (several times) how to do things that I should have learned in the first lesson. I hope you and Maureen great success in what is turning out to be a good year for me also."
Robert Flynn, Author

"Love the YouTube. Wow! Makes me think that I should hire you for my next Healing Powers book (now in the works). I admit I can do PR work but let's face it it's work. Rather write the book, and another, do my intuitive work and have you be my publicist. I'd feel like royality! I still get compliments on my website--you continually make my visions come to life. So, I'm sure your PR efforts would do the same. That's my prediction."
Cal Orey, Author

Are you tired of meagre books sales with endless blogging and social networking? Are you ready to start making some real income? Maybe you'd like to have a #1 book, product or service on Amazon. Bestseller Campaigns are definitely the answer!  If you are in a position to hire Denise as a consultant to handle the entire campaign, contact her.  If not, you might be able to do your own campaign with some advanced coaching at a nominal cost. Check out the 9-part Audio Series, Your #1 Bestseller and find out how you, too, can have a bestseller!


Everybody has a website today to promote their passion and  it should help your business, hobby or craft reach its fullest potential. With nearly a billion internet users worldwide, you can now market your services and merchandise globally to prospective customers,  but how do you promote it?

Wizardly Web Designs has been an evolutionary process.  Denise Cassino, founder and designer, began as most do,  with  experimentation  and  discovered  she  had  a  gift  for  creativity  and  design in websites. Now she has a full blown design and marketing service. Denise and her team will help you market your books, services, products, and website for a flat fee with negotiable terms.  Check out her Book Marketing Page, JV Partnerships, She specializes in Amazon book launches and has had 100% success rate in reaching bestseller status!

With many book campaigns, happy clients and dynamic websites to her credit, the comments and frequent referrals she receives from grateful customers propel her company forward into new exciting design adventures. See Testimonials to your right.

Is it expensive?  Not really, not compared to most advertising - look at what your local newspaper charges to advertise for a week or two!  Your website reaches the world and is the same as a one- time newspaper ad or the exhorbitant cost of Yellow Page ads.  Best of all, Denise customizes her packages to meet your needs and budget.

Denise's team also provides marketing via blog tours, radio interviews, social networking (building your following, too) and much, much more. See Book Marketing.

Amazon Book campaigns are more expensive, but the end result is that you can forever after call yourself a bestselling author with a #1 Bestselling Book!  That's what opens doors in our competitive world! See JV Partnerships Denise also customizes her bestseller packages to meet your needs and budget.

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